Gillian Catlow
Charles Hoernemann

Meet four on six

Gillian Catlow, free-lance violinist and founding member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, spent 20 years in Germany and Austria playing with the Salzburg Camerata, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bruckner Orchestra Linz, Intermezzo Quartet (Hamburg) as well as recording and touring extensively with the James Last Band.

Whilst living in Munich she met Charles Hoernemann who had begun his performing career at 17 as guitarist and youngest member of the Luxembourg Theatre Orchestra. After working as a recording artist in Paris, Brussels and Cologne he moved to Munich, where he quickly became the most sought after studio guitarist.

The enormous list of artists he worked for include the Bellamy Brothers, Limahl, Gillian Scalici, Luciano Pavarotti, and he can be heard on dozens of soundtracks such as "Young Indiana Jones", “Peter the Great” and "The Old Man And The Sea". Charles also worked for major record companies as a producer-arranger.

Since reconnecting in Western Australia in 2009, Gillian and Charles began performing together as a gypsy-jazz duo, but over the years have developed their own distinctive style. They love to cross musical boundaries and delight in sharing background stories and anecdotes in their audio-visual shows. Meanwhile they have released four instrumental albums covering music from the 1930s to the present day, including French Waltzes, Bossa Nova, The Beatles, film themes and tunes the Great American Songbook.

Guitar and Violin bodies next to each other